Nearshore – What to do when your boss is out of your country

Nearshore – What to do when your boss is out of your country


Many of us have faced the situation where our boss lives and works in another country. How do you do in order work efficiently and without a close supervision? Here’s the answer:

First of all, when you get hired in a company that has multiple offices over the world, your boss will introduce him/herself to you to welcome you to the company and inform you a little bit about your new job. In this first contact is when a follow up meeting needs to be set up. During this second meeting is where your boss will tell you what he/she will expect from you in your new role. All the expectations will be set up and you will have the opportunity to discuss them with your boss to have them clear before you start performing your new duties.

Your boss will schedule a one on one meeting, at least once a month, in order to review progress and questions about the job. Here is when you receive feedback of your work, what is being doing well and what can be improved. So my advice is to take notes during the month so that when this meeting comes, you can have all the questions written down so you don’t forget.

In addition to this, your boss should provide you his/her contact information in order for you to contact him/her whenever an important question arises. Communication between you and your leader should be the key of the relationship in order to achieve the company’s goals.

During the last years, this type of long distance relationships in work environments has become a trend, with more international companies resorting to Nearshore alternatives.

  • Posted by Doug Erb
  • On January 6, 2015