It’s time for this business owner to break out the pen and paper and start writing.  The summer is upon us and unless you’re in the travel industry, your sales have probably slowed down a bit. That deal you were going to close in Q2 just pushed because the prime contact decided to go on his… Read More

Lanshore LLC, a Houston TX based organization, has acquired its first round of funding by Third Coast Bank. Lanshore, a rapidly growing Value -Added Reseller for Sales Performance Management Solutions, is happy to announce this new venture with Third Coast Bank, SSB.  This funding will enable Lanshore to accelerate its already rapid growth. Mark Warne, CFO… Read More

In today’s fast paced world of international globetrotting, to meet the constantly shifting needs of the client, one wonders if climate change even comes into the equation when selecting the right consultants or consulting companies to get the work done. I am not here to preach that consulting companies or their clients must be carbon… Read More

In case it has escaped your notice, there is an election in the US, we are surrounded by a storm of campaigning. We all have our opinions on politics, social events and other people. Many people take to social media, television and the bar to promote their opinion. Having that opinion is perfectly fine and is everyone’s… Read More

Lately I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about work-life balance. I think this is a concept the majority of working adults struggle with, add more pressure if you have a family or if you are still on an educational path. I personally catch a lot of heat from the people around me about failing… Read More

I am writing this blog with a very serious look on my face, after all, I am supposed to be working on fixing a myriad of issues and demands that I am painfully aware will not be possible. But when the room’s mood is grim and somber, you can’t be jolly-eyed and bushy-tailed, you know? I feel… Read More

I usually write about sales, how to make improve performance etc. Today I’m going to take a slight departure from that, to my personal experiences and a lesson I would like to share. I’m sitting here writing this blog, whilst listening to “in the living years” – quite possibly the saddest song ever written, for… Read More

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Always keep shooting for your goals but preparation prior to taking the shot is important too. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, is a famous Wayne Gretzky quote.   While it is hard to argue with the logic that you cannot score a… Read More

The ‘Internet Era’, or whatever this period will be named in future times, has resulted in a seismic shift in our working environment.  People can do and access almost anything from a system perspective, remotely (if we disregard the bane of my life, company security access considerations). We have conference calls, Skype, Facetime and a… Read More