The administrators of systems that require data entry by sales people loathe the overachiever. We all know this person, they blow their quota out of the water, go to countless club trips, and make a wad of money that would make Al Capone turn over in his grave. Yes, this person gets praise heaped upon… Read More

Throughout history, developing a brand new territory to establish a commission’s plan has been a challenging task for the Sales Department of all companies. With the advent of international trade agreements and globalization, the customers have been scattered to remote locations. Those remote sites might be in different cities, states, or countries. Sales representatives have now many different… Read More

When selecting and implementing a Sales Performance Management system there are many critical steps in the process.  In this blog I will cover what is the most essential step: the stakeholder buy-in.  Why is this most important step you ask?  Well, without the interest of this group the project is destined to fail.  I remember… Read More

I keep hearing how irritating it is to get call after call from unsolicited people known as “Cold Callers”.  How people have logged into national “do not call” registries.  That it does more harm than good to get a call in for a company… Enter the social revolution, it will make you a billion dollar organization…Or… Read More

By Chris Bucholtz Who here likes math problems? If your hand isn’t raised, I’m with you – there’s nothing I dislike more than crunching numbers. That’s why I’m glad I’ve never had to manage a compensation plan, especially using the old approach (e.g., manually, or with simple spreadsheets). Even accountants are glad those days are gone… Read More

Ok, so you have rightsized your organization for the sales growth you would like. What’s next? Now we should talk about rightsizing your marketing outreach.  Most people seem to think that they will make one call and customers will fall on them; anyone that has taken a shot at this knows that this is clearly not the… Read More

Most of us leave the numbers to the CFO or someone that is effective with numbers to tell us what to do.  This isn’t practical for small to medium sized businesses as they most likely wear multiple hats.  I talked about forecasting a in an earlier blog and promised to get to the process to… Read More

We will have a series of blogs that cover the fundamental questions and exercises that companies need to do in order to get their sales engines moving.   There will be a heavy focus on lead sourcing and qualification.  There will be a substantial revue of traditional methods (beating the street and cold calling) mixed in… Read More

In these days where the sales teams have become the main income generator for the companies, it is important to know some of the facts that improve the sales performance. 1. Sales Process – Documenting your sales methodology and best practices both for salespeople and sales managers provides an excellent base for improving your selling system. Once documented, the… Read More