Doug Erb to present at AA-ISP’s  Insides Sales Commissions: What Color is Your Carrot? Most inside sales resources are coin operated to a certain degree. With that, one of the main levers that you can move up and down to try to motivate action and maximize moral is the commission structure that you put in place.… Read More

Often in the ETRM industry, many dominant player focus on the high end of the market, creating a challenge for mid- and lower-market players looking to implement an ETRM system. They’re in need of a cost-effective solution in a short time frame, but are at a disadvantage with current market offerings. Once you’ve found a… Read More

With all of the recent expansion in the midstream market, the demand for engineers has drastically risen; we’ve never needed quality engineers more than now. With tighter regulations, more environmental justification, federal agencies and higher performance demands, many midstream companies are sourcing from engineering firms – but choosing the right firm can be complicated. Lanshore… Read More