Did you know that according to the website savetheamericans.org, 1 in 4 Americans get no paid vacation 59% of American feel vacation deprived and Americans leave over 5,000,000 vacation days unused I was in the movie theater early last week to watch the last installment of the Star Wars story (Rogue One) and prior to… Read More

Sing along with me “I was born in a small town”, we all know that John Cougar song.  I spent the last two weeks in my small town that I grew up in, Highland Indiana.  I walked down the streets with my trusted companion Spot and took in the small town air.  I saw my… Read More

I have a lot of discussions about ‘wanting to be a team leader’ or ‘wanting to be a project manager’ or simply wanting a pay rise. In nearly all cases the conversation comes round to that person’s contribution in their current role – How have they performed? What have they done that increases their chances?… Read More

Robots and automation seem to be making everyone obsolete.  Some of us will remember the Terminator movie with Arnold or the Matrix, which predicted such events.  Even recent thinkers, who are on the forefront of technology and brilliance like Hawkings, Musk and Gates, question the power and impact of artificial intelligence.   I sat with a… Read More

After reading ‘Shine’, ‘Drive’ and an assortment of other books recently, about commissions and motivation for my white paper, I have come to some interesting theories, some of them more general and some on the subject of motivation. My first observation is that in order to write a book, or have an opinion on employee… Read More

You read this occasionally and hear it discussed in industry events, that commission in it’s current form, the carrot for performance is dead.  In the UK, you can’t even say the word commission without getting evil looks like you offended the Queen.  In the states, it’s subtler, but more studies come out from places like… Read More

We wake up every day going to work, meeting people, acting important.  Some of us manufacture drama to get us through the day.  Is it imperative that we find meaning in our jobs?  How do you find meaning in commissions, and being part of that team?  How can we make our job interesting, and does… Read More

Another case of events in my personal life making me think of useful lessons in my professional life. While helping my son do his homework, some editing needed to be done.  Not wordsmithing, but actual editing of video they had taken (budding actors everywhere this day).  Luckily one of the children that came to do… Read More

I’ll start this out with I am the very proud father of 3 boys. Recently I have been really made to think by middle son, Thomas, who seems to have a budding desire to become an entrepreneur.  Tom came to me a week ago, asking several questions on business in general and how to sell… Read More

In most companies, the need for a CPQ is driven by the desire to produce quick and accurate proposals. The ability to move quicker than the competition helps to establish a perception of responsiveness to the needs of the prospects . If that responsiveness is coupled with a smooth proposal and contractual process which ensures… Read More