Last week we just finished covering the user acceptance testing stage so the next step is to cover is how do we actually go live with the sale performance management system.   The stage that gets us there is the deployment phase.   Like many other phases, work on this stage actually starts before the preceding one… Read More

Okay, we are at part five of our seven-part series on Project Management in the Sale Performance Management Space.   We Scoped, Designed, and Built/Configured our Sale Performance Management solution, now we turn our attention to the User Acceptance Testing.   If we have done everything correctly up to this point then executing the User Acceptance Test… Read More

Last week we covered Design and in the weeks before that we discussed Design, Discovery, and Pre-assessment/Scoping / Kick Off, this week we are going to cover Build/Configure/Unit Test  The Plan The rules/formulas were worked on in design stage.  It is one thing to write the words down in a design document or even read… Read More

Last week we covered Discovey and the week before that we discussed Pre-assessment/Scoping / Kick Off, this week we are going to cover Design At this point the project team has asked the probing questions – now they need to communicate it back to the client and let the client know what the project team… Read More

Okay last week we covered Pre-assessment/Scoping / Kick Off, this week we are going to cover Discovery. This is the brain dump.   You want to get everything out of brains of the existing system users and future stakeholders, and try to ensure you know what they expect you to build for them. Questions, Questions, and… Read More

  Okay you have chosen a compensation management package to implement in your organization, now comes the part where the rubber begins to hit the road.   You have plans you want to implement, you have numerous employees who you want to motivate, track performance on, and compensate.  You have transaction data available that you want… Read More

 It’s time for this business owner to break out the pen and paper and start writing.  The summer is upon us and unless you’re in the travel industry, your sales have probably slowed down a bit. That deal you were going to close in Q2 just pushed because the prime contact decided to go on his… Read More

Lanshore LLC, a Houston TX based organization, has acquired its first round of funding by Third Coast Bank. Lanshore, a rapidly growing Value -Added Reseller for Sales Performance Management Solutions, is happy to announce this new venture with Third Coast Bank, SSB.  This funding will enable Lanshore to accelerate its already rapid growth. Mark Warne, CFO… Read More

In today’s fast paced world of international globetrotting, to meet the constantly shifting needs of the client, one wonders if climate change even comes into the equation when selecting the right consultants or consulting companies to get the work done. I am not here to preach that consulting companies or their clients must be carbon… Read More