Lanshore LLC, a Houston TX based organization, has acquired its first round of funding by Third Coast Bank.

Lanshore, a rapidly growing Value -Added Reseller for Sales Performance Management Solutions, is happy to announce this new venture with Third Coast Bank, SSB.  This funding will enable Lanshore to accelerate its already rapid growth.

Mark Warne, CFO added “We continue to have a very beneficial and long relationship with Third Coast Bank, working with Norma Velazquez Harris and her team.  Not only do they meet our current capital requirements, but the ones needed to keep us expanding in the future”

Lanshore had already exceeded its revenue target for fiscal 2016, and is currently in pace to quadruple its revenue growth goal for 2017.

“Third Coast Bank congratulates Lanshore LLC on achieving this great milestone! We look forward to their continued success and to growing our relationship!”.




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