Sing along with me “I was born in a small town”, we all know that John Cougar song.  I spent the last two weeks in my small town that I grew up in, Highland Indiana.  I walked down the streets with my trusted companion Spot and took in the small town air.  I saw my… Read More

I have a lot of discussions about ‘wanting to be a team leader’ or ‘wanting to be a project manager’ or simply wanting a pay rise. In nearly all cases the conversation comes round to that person’s contribution in their current role – How have they performed? What have they done that increases their chances?… Read More

Robots and automation seem to be making everyone obsolete.  Some of us will remember the Terminator movie with Arnold or the Matrix, which predicted such events.  Even recent thinkers, who are on the forefront of technology and brilliance like Hawkings, Musk and Gates, question the power and impact of artificial intelligence.   I sat with a… Read More