After reading ‘Shine’, ‘Drive’ and an assortment of other books recently, about commissions and motivation for my white paper, I have come to some interesting theories, some of them more general and some on the subject of motivation. My first observation is that in order to write a book, or have an opinion on employee… Read More

The ‘Internet Era’, or whatever this period will be named in future times, has resulted in a seismic shift in our working environment.  People can do and access almost anything from a system perspective, remotely (if we disregard the bane of my life, company security access considerations). We have conference calls, Skype, Facetime and a… Read More

You read this occasionally and hear it discussed in industry events, that commission in it’s current form, the carrot for performance is dead.  In the UK, you can’t even say the word commission without getting evil looks like you offended the Queen.  In the states, it’s subtler, but more studies come out from places like… Read More