We wake up every day going to work, meeting people, acting important.  Some of us manufacture drama to get us through the day.  Is it imperative that we find meaning in our jobs?  How do you find meaning in commissions, and being part of that team?  How can we make our job interesting, and does… Read More

“Improving the Bottom Line”, “Increasing Sales”, “Embracing Social Media” – I see countless articles on making the work place more productive, increasing turnover and general performance. I see few articles on making the most out of our best resources – our people. Even less is written about a subject close to my heart: harnessing the… Read More

Another case of events in my personal life making me think of useful lessons in my professional life. While helping my son do his homework, some editing needed to be done.  Not wordsmithing, but actual editing of video they had taken (budding actors everywhere this day).  Luckily one of the children that came to do… Read More