I’ll start this out with I am the very proud father of 3 boys. Recently I have been really made to think by middle son, Thomas, who seems to have a budding desire to become an entrepreneur.  Tom came to me a week ago, asking several questions on business in general and how to sell… Read More

In most companies, the need for a CPQ is driven by the desire to produce quick and accurate proposals. The ability to move quicker than the competition helps to establish a perception of responsiveness to the needs of the prospects . If that responsiveness is coupled with a smooth proposal and contractual process which ensures… Read More

Today I would like to talk about why people fail to use their CRMs. First of all, it is a known fact that internal CRMs are viewed as a Big Brother of sorts, they are perceived as a way for upper management to keep an eye on everyone within the sales department. More often than… Read More