More than four years ago we met with some experienced business advisors and they suggested that, as we at Lanshore were a start up, we ought to focus on one industry and then expand into other, complementary areas.    At the time, we had two verticals we wanted to work in because our management team and… Read More

The 4 point report writing guide Although a report within ICM systems can be one of the most powerful and useful tools, if you don’t use it correctly, it will be useless. I have outlined below several key points to include when considering a report build. Priorities When building a report, having a detailed knowledge… Read More

I’ve been seeing reports of global economic meltdown and that we should all prepare. A lot of us remember the disaster of 2009.  At that time, I was part of a company, which was losing substantial amounts of money and had no sales pipeline in sight. We had one client, and that customer was tenuous… Read More