In my experience, there are two key things that affect organic end user adoption: convention & delivered value. I have seen many technically elegant CPQ implementations that have suffered low user adoption because the convention adopted is unfamiliar to the end users. For example, imagine a project led by the IT department for laptop sales.… Read More

It’s Friday 2:30 p.m. and the phone is in your hands:  What’s her phone number? Her birthday? Coffee or tea? Patriots or Broncos? They seem like a typical teenager’s questions on his first date, but they could also be important snippets of information to have handy when calling the CEO of your best client. This… Read More

Before going into models for sales forecasting, there is key point which must be considered. Are you producing a sales plan or forecasting revenue that will be closed? The reason for asking this is that, in my 20 years of experience of working in this area, many companies seem to confuse the two. What they… Read More