Having done many implementations of Commission systems, we’ve found that one of the most prevalent reasons people implement has to do with clarity of commissions. Most feel like their sales people walk around all day not having a clue how or why they got paid what they did. I suspect this has a lot to… Read More

Mark Twain is quoted as saying that “History never repeats but it often rhymes”.   Whether history repeats or it rhymes, it is historical data that is causing many energy trading organizations to take a look at Predictive Analytics. So, what exactly is Predictive Analytics and why do we care about it when we think about… Read More

Doug Erb to present at AA-ISP’s  Insides Sales Commissions: What Color is Your Carrot? Most inside sales resources are coin operated to a certain degree. With that, one of the main levers that you can move up and down to try to motivate action and maximize moral is the commission structure that you put in place.… Read More