Every company in the sales and commissions world needs data in order to create their annual sales plans. How much are they selling? How much was sold in certain state or country? Which product had the major acceptance in the market? Which sales representative sold the most? How can we compensate our sales force based… Read More

For those of you working in the U.S. Energy sector, you already know that not everyone agrees about climate change and what is or is not causing it.   It is not my intention to weigh into the controversy about climate change, but one of the important outcomes from this debate has to do with the… Read More

I’ve been part of product demos and watched them. This is an obvious game of cat and mouse. As a software vendor, if you are any good, you are doing your best to keep in constant contact with the customer. This will help you devise a demo that looks and feels exactly like what the… Read More

Throughout history, developing a brand new territory to establish a commission’s plan has been a challenging task for the Sales Department of all companies. With the advent of international trade agreements and globalization, the customers have been scattered to remote locations. Those remote sites might be in different cities, states, or countries. Sales representatives have now many different… Read More

Usually you will develop your Sales Performance Management system scorecard off questions you submit in your RFI and RFP, if you chose to go that route. There will be some more in depth questions and examples that you will have that might have not been included in the RFI/RFP documents and they will have a… Read More

When selecting and implementing a Sales Performance Management system there are many critical steps in the process.  In this blog I will cover what is the most essential step: the stakeholder buy-in.  Why is this most important step you ask?  Well, without the interest of this group the project is destined to fail.  I remember… Read More

I keep hearing how irritating it is to get call after call from unsolicited people known as “Cold Callers”.  How people have logged into national “do not call” registries.  That it does more harm than good to get a call in for a company… Enter the social revolution, it will make you a billion dollar organization…Or… Read More