Often you hear about lead response time.  This refers to the time it takes for a new lead, be it web or some other method, to get a call about whatever you can sell to them.  The conventional rule of thumb is you need to follow up while the coals are hot, and that is in the… Read More

By Chris Bucholtz Who here likes math problems? If your hand isn’t raised, I’m with you – there’s nothing I dislike more than crunching numbers. That’s why I’m glad I’ve never had to manage a compensation plan, especially using the old approach (e.g., manually, or with simple spreadsheets). Even accountants are glad those days are gone… Read More

Ok, so you have rightsized your organization for the sales growth you would like. What’s next? Now we should talk about rightsizing your marketing outreach.  Most people seem to think that they will make one call and customers will fall on them; anyone that has taken a shot at this knows that this is clearly not the… Read More

We all know that in sales there are often price concessions given to customers. This can be in many forms, from a simple discount to a more strategic B2B negotiation. In the latter case, sales may have to get approval from several people to allow for specific price concessions. This approval could require not only… Read More