Have you ever arrived to your new job or gotten a new position and you need to manage a system or follow a process to complete your tasks but you don’t know how to do it? You ask your boss for assistance and he/she sits with you for a long period of time explaining how… Read More

Most of us leave the numbers to the CFO or someone that is effective with numbers to tell us what to do.  This isn’t practical for small to medium sized businesses as they most likely wear multiple hats.  I talked about forecasting a in an earlier blog and promised to get to the process to… Read More

We will have a series of blogs that cover the fundamental questions and exercises that companies need to do in order to get their sales engines moving.   There will be a heavy focus on lead sourcing and qualification.  There will be a substantial revue of traditional methods (beating the street and cold calling) mixed in… Read More

In these days where the sales teams have become the main income generator for the companies, it is important to know some of the facts that improve the sales performance. 1. Sales Process – Documenting your sales methodology and best practices both for salespeople and sales managers provides an excellent base for improving your selling system. Once documented, the… Read More

Many of us have faced the situation where our boss lives and works in another country. How do you do in order work efficiently and without a close supervision? Here’s the answer: First of all, when you get hired in a company that has multiple offices over the world, your boss will introduce him/herself to… Read More