If you have never worked in a Nearshore team you will find the experience different and enjoyable. When a person has only worked in a public or local business cannot imagine how different is to work for an international company as part of a Nearshore team. First of all, you will deal with people from outside… Read More

 There are two main places where I have personally seen the most benefit of having a multicultural group: our larger organizations that need help in several languages and understanding business concepts that are in different areas in Latin America, and also with our partner organizations trying to service and penetrate that segment.  Yes, that’s my… Read More

Handover and Maintenance: The beginning of the end or just the beginning?  Most of the reasons you have enlisted a Nearshore team is the cost and a lot of the times this handover will go to this team. So how do you do this in the best fashion? Well, it all comes down to how you… Read More

The Configuration and Testing stage is usually when you expand your team and add several additional resources from your Nearshore team.  In doing this situation, the first thing I have every team member do is read the SOW or set of contractually obligated items that the customer has requested.  Once this has occurred, they should… Read More

Again, this article is in the spirit of integrating your team so that you can have a lower total cost of ownership utilizing Nearshore resources.  In my prior blog I wrote about when to have your initial team start up in requirements.  Here we are discussing moving from requirements to the design stages of the… Read More

As you read in an earlier post, the IEA seems to have signaled that a return to higher prices in the short term seems unlikely.   Is this the start of a total collapse of oil market as some might suggest?   Probably not, but what it does signal is that it is time for even the new entrants… Read More

The west’s energy watchdog has recently indicated that global oil prices could continue to fall into 2015 despite the expectation that some unconventional oil production could become uneconomic at prices under $80/b.  The IEA also went as far as to suggest that oil markets were entering a “new chapter” in their history. If the IEA is… Read More

Over the next series of blogs I will cover how to lower your total cost of ownership for systems and services related to the implementation, configuration and ongoing maintenance of your corporate support structure. Recently I covered the best way to get the team up and going for a project (this included finding the correct… Read More

In order for any Nearshore organization to be successful, there has to be a level of dedication to that team greater than just the start up of the company.  In my experience, our Nearshore group was not successful until we dedicated a leadership level team member to the group on a scheduled and consistent basis. … Read More