The evaluation started off with several countries but was narrowed down to 4.  Those four countries come with their own positives and negatives.  To start off I want to go over the first two countries that were disqualified and why.  I looked at Brazil, and for better or worse, my neighbor who works at a large… Read More

When doing project implementation work or even systems support models, the cost benefits of nearshoring have been revealed.  Over a decade ago we saw many IT organizations sending their operations to India in an effort to provide substantial cost savings over there US-high cost counterparts. I myself can remember bidding on a project in 2011… Read More

Often in the ETRM industry, many dominant player focus on the high end of the market, creating a challenge for mid- and lower-market players looking to implement an ETRM system. They’re in need of a cost-effective solution in a short time frame, but are at a disadvantage with current market offerings. Once you’ve found a… Read More