Senior Callidus Consultant (SCC)
Telecommute · Houston, Texas, United States · Callidus · 2017-5


The Senior Consultant (SCC) will be in charge of leading teams through the configuration, implementation and documentation phases of sales performance management and other related software solutions to meet our client’s business and technical needs. The SCC will work directly with our US and Nearshore teams. In this role, you will work directly with our client base throughout the US. It also requires the ability to travel to client sites in the US/Canada and occasionally in other regions as required by the project.

Responsibilities in this role:

  1. Consulting throughout the software implementation life cycle, from requirements gathering, design, build, testing and go-live.
  2. Complete design activities and then perform configuration and development tasks as well as supervise and provide direction for other consultants on the project team.


  1. CallidusCloud or Callidus TrueComp is a must.
  2. Crystal Reports, IBM ICM, Xactly, Beqom and other Sales Performance Management / Incentive Compensation Management platforms is a plus.

Job Objectives
The ideal candidate will be able to:

  1. Document specific information needed to provide comprehensive understanding about the client's need or to make effective decisions
  2. Complete design activities and delivery activities associated to the over arching technical solution.
  3. Engage with the Lanshore Solution Architect as needed for reviews/technical issue support
  4. Develop design & requirements documentation
  5. Use expertise to effectively collaborate with colleague / team members
  6. Dive into complex tasks or problems by breaking them down into their component pieces and consider each piece in detail
  7. Provide deep knowledge of practice specific concepts and best practices (such as SPM, incentive compensation, HCM, CPQ, etc.)
  8. Recognize when and how to switch to a different strategy when the originally selected strategy is deemed to be unsuccessful
  9. Examine progression of projects and provide additional effort where it is needed the most
  10. Facilitate with creation of project work plan including sequencing of tasks and estimating work effort


  1. 2 - 5 years of client facing consulting experience
  2. 2 - 5 years with CallidusCloud or Callidus TrueComp system experience
  3. Advanced skill-sets in Excel / Spreadsheet software
  4. Expert level English communication skills including writing, listening and speaking /Spanish is a plus


Headquartered in Houston Texas but can be located in other locations i.e. Chicago IL, Bay Area/California, Denver CO, and Miami FL to name a few.

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